Commerce Without Borders

Commerce Without Borders

Bojan Živanović (bojanz) @bojan_zivanovic

Bojan Živanović

Senior developer at Commerce Guys
Lead developer of Commerce Kickstart v2
Views, Views Bulk Operations, Inline Entity Form

Paris, France   ·   London, England   ·   Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Built from scratch on Drupal 7

Minimalistic and flexible

Uses Views for all listings

Uses Rules for business logic

Relies on "essential contribs" and distributions to complete the experience

Most popular Drupal distribution
(8k installs)

Streamlined administration optimized for common tasks

Responsive frontend theme

Enhanced product marketing
(image zooms, slideshows, etc)

Faceted product search

Built-in payment gateways,
third party tools

My use case

Gathering Requirements

I need multiple languages

I need prices in multiple currencies

(EUR) and Kč (CZK)

How am I going to figure out where my customers are coming from?

Which payment provider should I use?

VAT (Value Added Tax)

What are my country's
VAT rates?

Does shipping have VAT?

Do discounts have VAT?

VAT rates can change!

Not everyone pays them

Part 1

Not everyone pays them

Part 2

Place of supply


Future VOES

VAT on Electronically Supplied Services

When selling a digital product, the VAT
is due at the place of the customer.

From 2015 this applies to EVERYONE.


Price field per currency

A pricing rule that selects the right price field

Commerce VAT & Commerce EU VAT

Solves/Handles: Rate changes, Shipping,
Predefines all rates, B2B, VOES

Choosing a payment provider




Do they work in your country
can you afford it?


Regular / alternative payment providers

Future plans?


PCI compliance?


Introducing the Commerce Guys Marketplace

A general overview of the cost

What is the functionality?

How to sign up

Quality guarantees

Maintenance guarantees

We are interested in finding out what you want!

Technical caveats

Translating the UI

Translating content


The future

Come to our BoF!

13:00, Dressing Room, Congress Hall 124

Better docs

Better contribs

All hands on deck!

Commerce without borders is
Drupal without borders